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The Scientific Publications company is a leader in the field of scientific and publishing consulting.
Thanks to the professionalism of our specialists, the company’s team successfully implements every research project of scientists around the world, collaborates with a large number of clients, concludes dozens of contracts with universities, national organizations and academic institutions.
In this regard, we want to introduce you to our values and the main principles that we have laid down in our culture, thanks to which our impeccable reputation has been formed.

Thousands of clients want to cooperate with us. Why our company is trusted ?

  • Legal protection

    With each of our clients, we sign a transparent Agreement where we prescribe all the conditions for the implementation of the project (stages of work, guarantees, payment for services, terms, etc.). Our cooperation takes place exclusively within the legal framework.

  • Team of professionals

    Our clients receive scientific consulting from professionals, who have unique knowledge and are ready to implement publications in the shortest possible time. Behind each project is a whole team of specialists, namely: a personal client manager, translator, editor, specialist in negotiations with journals, accountant, lawyer, administrator, management.

  • Tasks of any complexity

    We can handle the most complex scientific and publishing projects. Our experience and professionalism of employees is the main foundation that helps us to cooperate for many years, publish articles in high-quality national and international journals, which are included in Scopus and Web of Science, increase the level of citation, increase the Hirsch index.

  • Cost and terms

    Our company constantly works with international scientific journals, organizations and scientometric platforms. We know all the criteria that are imposed on research publications, and this helps us to formulate a best and profitable offer, cost, and guarantee quick deadlines.

  • Customer reviews and recommendations

    Our company is recommended by both domestic and foreign scientists from around the world. If you need feedback on cooperation, contact your personal manager, and they will provide you with feedback from a colleague.

  • We develop science

    The basis of our company is our priorities, which also lie in the plane of development and growth of scientometrics and science. To do this, we provide consulting assistance to scientists, research institutions and universities, organize information webinars and seminars, scientific conferences, as well as help fund research that we help publish in international scientific journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science.

Founder’s Message

In the letter attached below, you can read the message of our founder Denys Pylypenko