5 Ways to increase the Hirsch Index value

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It is important for every scientist that his research articles should be highly appreciated by the other scientists and have a high citation level. This helps them in their career growth as well as opens up new opportunities in scientific achievements. The Hirsch Index (h-index), one of scientometric indicators proposed by Jorge Hirsch, an American physicist-scientist, is meant for evaluating the number of citations in science.

5 Ways to increase the Hirsch Index value

Every researcher asks himself a question on how to increase the level of references to his research paper. Further, we will tell you about the most common ways.

1. Publish unique research articles as often as possible, especially, in the international journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science . Choose top-rated periodicals for publishing a research paper, otherwise, it can be left without attention of the scientific community. However, one should take into account the strict requirements for peer review in these journals which imply a very high quality of a research paper. Cover in them your conclusions and only actual data. Only high-quality scientific content will be recognised by the other authors and used in their research papers. Necessarily translate your research paper​​​​​​​s into academic English and make sure that the information is original and interesting to the world scientific community.

2. Keep in touch with colleagues who are doing research in your field. In this way, there will be the exchange of scientific information, data and links. Work in co-authorship with the other scientists, especially, if you are just starting your research activity. It is better to cooperate with the international colleagues who have a high scientometric rating. This will 100% expand your range of opportunities.

3. Promote the research, use self-citation on your previous research papers, and link the results of the experiment to your personal profile, making it easier to search of articles in co-authorship. Inform your international colleagues about an article's issue, make a newsletter about a research paper, attaching the abstract translated into the English language. Promote the materials that have already been indexed, providing references to them. They will be actual for the research of other authors. First of all, think about your reputation, and try not to be "in the pursuit'' of the citation indicators. When using self-citation, there will be more links to the research, but remember the rules of scientific ethics. It is important not to abuse this type of references which should not exceed 10-12% in a research paper. An overstated number of citations will lead to the fact that an article will be rejected at the stage of  peer review  because scientific experts are very strict about the order of its formatting.

4. Check personal data in your profile and make sure that there are no mistakes and inaccuracies. All research papers have a reference to this data, indexing takes place which should be closely monitored. After all, these are indicators for an scientist. If indexing was not conducted, contact the journal's editorial board to resolve this issue. Show the other scientists how to correctly make references to research papers by leaving the information on your profile page. These tips can help students and graduate students who are just starting their scientific activity and need help with finding data sources.

5. Observe the correct formatting of a research paper​​​​​​​, avoiding inaccuracies and mistakes. When writing an abstract, adhere to a clear structure and the required number of words. Necessarily ranslate it into English and chose the appropriate keywords. Then foreign scientists will easily find a research paper, read and get interested in it from the start. Having appreciated an article at its true value , they will cite it in their research and this will increase the h-index.

If all these recommendations are taken into account, the citation level of a scientist's papers will definitely increase that will entail recognition and the career growth of a researcher.

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