9 reasons why scientists from all over the world choose to publish in Scopus journals

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It is no secret that the publication of scientific papers in journals indexed by the international Scopus database is a rather complicated process. At the same time, these actions are a logical development of a scientific career. Therefore, if the researcher still has doubts about the publication in this scientometric platform, our company has prepared 9 arguments for the beginning of active scientific publication activities in journals that are included in this service.

9 reasons why scientists from all over the world choose to publish in Scopus journals

1. Large selection of publications

Scopus indexes a huge number of journals from different fields. A scientist can choose for their publication the one that is best suited for their research.

2. Selection criteria for publications

It is important to know that the platform requires each publication that claims to be indexed in this database to comply with strict requirements, which helps to comply with international standards. Thus, low-quality journals have no chance of being included in the list.

3. Publication ethics

Scopus has a CSAB Expert Council that reviews the journals annually. If a publication begins to behave atypically, decreases or greatly increases its activity, violates discipline and publication ethics, then it is removed from the list. The database makes sure that no participant in the scientific publication process violates international rules in the research space.

4. International level

To date, Scopus is one of the largest scientometric platforms in the world. The journals on its list publish the best respected scientists. The reputation of Scopus is world-class, and the database painstakingly monitors its status, placing responsibility not only on its activities, but also on the work of editorial boards, reviewers, scientists.

5. Legislative framework

In the regulatory documents of various countries, it is publications in journals that are indexed in Scopus that are required to obtain a degree or title.

6. Reviewing

One of the main requirements of the journals that are included in Scopus is mandatory reviewing of all articles that scientists submit for publication. The platform demonstrates respect for high-quality scientific content, wants the scientific community to be able to get acquainted with valuable data and results. They recruit respected scholars with years of academic experience in a specific field for peer review to provide an authoritative evaluation of scientific papers from around the world.

7. Cooperation

The international status of the platform helps start foreign cooperation. After all, as we wrote earlier, Scopus is a world level database and the entire foreign scientific community gets access to your studies, which helps to open up new opportunities for acquaintances, the beginning of collaborations, and successful joint projects. And also helps increase the number of citations.

8. Search system

Scopus has developed a very user-friendly search engine, where a personal profile of a scientist is created. It helps researchers can develop their activities, search for the work of their colleagues, choose journals for publication, monitor their scientific indicators, trends, ratings, analyse, and build their personal scientific publication strategy. 

9. Financing

Active publishing activity opens up the opportunity for scientists to improve their scientometric indicators and apply for grants and financial assistance. To take part in various competitions, awards, as well as to confirm their scientific achievements, the researchers must provide their data, which appear in this database.

Publishing in Scopus really opens up unique opportunities for scientists in their work. If you need to publish an article in an international scientific journal, contact our specialists for help, and they will definitely tell you where to start. Scientific Publications – Publ.Science is a leader in providing quality consulting services in the scientometric field. We are ready to help you in any matter that relates to the development and success of your research career.

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