Academic translation and proofreading Why is it important?

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Have you ever thought about the importance of academic translation for scientific publications? To reveal the full depth of this matter, we offer to understand what it is: professional language proofreading and scientific, academic translation.


Academic is a competent and accurate translation which fully corresponds to all the stylistic features of the document in the presentation of which there are used standard verbal formulas used in a particular field of knowledge (technical, medical, legal, etc.). The used terminology and style, in turn, should strictly comply with all regulatory documents necessary for the further publication of the work which is translated in the specialized periodical.


Proofreading, in its turn, is a general verification of the text by an editor, narrow focus specialized translator or  native speaker that provides for the verification of the translated text with the original, the identification of all drawbacks in the vocabulary, check of the translation's integrity, absence of missing fragments, etc.


Academic translation is usually ordered in cases where only an impeccable level of its fulfilment ensures the reliability and guarantee of the research work publication.

Let us explain in more detail on the example of an article's publication in the abstract database.


For being published in one of the Scopus journals, the work should meet a variety of criteria, namely:

  • Linguistic and grammatical correctness of the document
  • Expressiveness of the text and style of the publication
  • Compliance with the format of the specialized journal in which the work is planned to be published.
  • Accuracy of the translation of different language terms


This procedure is divided into two stages:

1. Translation of the publication.

2. Revision and correctness of the translation according to the requirements of the journal's editorial board where a scientific article will be published.

Without outside help, it is very difficult for authors to achieve all of the above criteria on their own.


Why is it better to give your article for professional translation?

For translating complex terminology one should have a great command of the language into which the scientific article is translated. Even if you are an expert in specialized terminology and have perfect expertise of the material described in your article as well as a great command of English, the probability of making a mistake that will not allow you to be published in one of the scientific journals in the future, is extremely high.


Among the most common translation mistakes one can single out:

Text mistakes:

• grammar and vocabulary (in spelling and punctuation);

• stylistic (inconsistent text, misused words and expressions).


Translation mistakes:

• mistakes in separate words and terms;

• missed places in translation.


Many people are confused by the price asked for academic translation of research works because sometimes it can exceed the cost of usual translation one and a half as much and higher. It is important to understand that in professional companies high-quality academic translation is worked at by a group of qualified specialists who are engaged in specialized translation in their areas and are good at the required subject area. But this is not the end of the work with your scientific article because the second stage is proofreading the whole array of text by a native speaker of the language into which the translation is done. Such specialists with specialized education and experience in this field are not too many, they are always in demand, so the level of their remuneration of labour can not be low.  This is why there is a high price for such services.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science is an example of a company whose success is based on well-coordinated work of the team of highly qualified specialists. Entrusting the academic translation of your article to our employees, you get a comprehensive implementation of this service not only by specialists in narrow focus translation (depending on the direction and subject), but also native speakers who will provide professional proofreading.

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