Abstract in a scientific article. How to write it correctly?

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Abstract is an important element in a scientific article. Why is that?

Thanks to the abstract, scientists from all over the world receive primary information about the article that they see in front of them. The abstract is a kind of face of the article and the first source. Depending on how clearly it will be laid out, the editor, publisher, or scientist will decide whether they want to read the entire article.

Abstract in a scientific article. How to write it correctly?

The journals that are included in the scientometric databases of Web of Science and Scopus make high demands on the layout of the abstract of a scientific article. Abstracts improve the search for material in the database. Reviewers will be able to understand which article they are holding in their hands.

The main idea of the article should be included in the abstract. It is written after writing and editing the article.

Abstract sections






 First, formulate why a scientist should read this article, how it will be useful? Highlight the problem you solved in this article. What conclusions did you come to during the study? Describe the methods, approaches, theoretical questions that were used.   Write down what you came to after studying the subject.  Share how the research expanded the subject area in which you are experimenting, what new approaches and solutions have you found?

Translation of abstract

It is better to translate the text and abstract into academic English, especially if you publish an article in an international journal that is indexed in Scopus or Web of Science. For this task, contact a professional translator who has extensive experience in academic translation. It is important that your thoughts are as clear as possible to the international scientific community. 

Additional recommendations

  • Style of presentation: scientific, concise, there is specificity, no complex verbal constructions, parentheses.
  • Do not retell the entire article, use the same sentences as in the main text.
  • You cannot write in the first person.
  • It is not necessary to write out narrowly focused technical designations that are incomprehensible to the audience.
  • The abstract does not include tables, figures, links.
  • Choose accurate, informative phrases.
  • Size: up to 500 characters with spaces

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