Web of Science database: all the subtleties of its work

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The Web of Science database is a scientometric search platform that contains scientific citation indices. This service indexes literature on a global scale. All scientists want to publish in journals that are part of WoS.

However, publishing in the Web of Science is not always easy, since the database makes serious demands on scientific articles. The scientist will be able to learn about all this and much more by watching a new video from the Scientific and Educational Centre of the Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company. 

Web of Science database: all the subtleties of its work

Presenter: Yelyzaveta Bataieva – specialist at the company's Scientific and Educational Centre.

After watching the video, you will learn

  • The history of the creation of the Web of Science database.
  • How much scientific content does the platform index?
  • All citation indexes that are included in WoS?
  • Why has the Web of Science database become the gold standard for quality research literature in academia and more?

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