How can a consulting company help a scientist?

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Today, due to innovations in the scientometric field, a scientist is in a difficult situation that requires consultations and proper support for the thorough analysis and understanding of all new requirements for research papers. That is why, in the scientific community, scientific consulting is becoming in demand, and more and more scientists start to consider this method for solving scientific problems and purposeful continuation of their movement along the intended trajectory. They address for support to the consulting company, finding in its face a responsible assistant and the ability to qualitatively and in time to carry out their scientific plan, quietly conduct experiments and confidently advance in their careers.

The purpose of consulting the companies is to provide qualified assistance and support to every scientist in his professional activity. These organisations cooperate with scientists, journals and databases around the world, and this opens the door for the researcher to the international community of science, which actively brings discoveries to the world.

How exactly can a consulting company help?

Specialists in scientometrics provide consulting support, answer the main publication questions, help build a strategy of scientific activity and implement it, implementing important research materials. Intermediary organizations provide a very wide range of services, and the scientist can choose the one he needs at the moment. Let us consider the most popular types of consulting services:

Аrticles's audit. This service helps analyze the state of a research paper, its content and formatting, uniqueness, deepness of experiment and quality of translation. This is done to properly prepare a paper for the first peer review by the journal's editorial board and the main peer review by experts, taking into account all the requirements of the scientific periodical. 

Academic translation. International journals require high-quality academic translation of the entire article or only the abstract, otherwise peer reviewers can return the research paper back to the correction. International journals require high-quality academic translation of the entire article or only the abstract, otherwise peer reviewers can return a research paper back to the correction.

Editing and formatting. Before submitting a research article for the peer review, it should necessarily checked for mistakes in the text, content or formatting. This is done to ensure that it fully meets all the requirements and has a better chance to pass a strict peer review. A paper is proofread by professional editors to meet all scientific standards.

Choice of journals. After writing an article, the question arise where to publish it. And it is very important to choose a good periodical that will correspond to the research topic, ensure an active reader to the author and increase the level of references to a paper. Consulting companies employ specialists who are engaged in the search and check of every journal. Using Scopus and Web of Science databases, they are studying the websites of the periodicals, in what field they work, what research papers they publish, their parameters and if there are reasons to think that a journal is "predatory". It is only after the analytical work that the journal is offered to the scientist for publication, after that follow the stages of negotiations, preparation and the peer review of an article.

Work with indexing and citation. These indicators are considered to be the most important for scientists, journals, universities and research organizations. If there are any problems with citation, indexing, mistakes in the profile, etc., the company's specialists eliminate these problems and ensure the stable growth of these scientometric data.   

Verification of uniqueness. All peer reviewers are very serious about the uniqueness of the text in a research paper. Due to the presence of large quantity of plagiarism, a paper can be returned without the possibility of its further publication. Existing research papers signed by other people's names are of no interest for international journals. They publish only original and serious manuscripts, so it is important to meet these requirements. This service includes studying the material, verifying for plagiarism and working on improving the originality index. 

Private consulting. When addressing for consultation, a scientist receives the necessary answers to all the questions in the individual order, he is helped to choose the best service and build a further strategy of publication activity. A researcher is given a responsible assistant and provided with full support in his scientific activity. 

Publication on a ''turnkey" basis. An intermediary company fully takes over the global revision of an article, providing a full range of services – from improving an article to its indexing in international databases.

The attempts to understand all the stages of publishing articles in international journals require a lot of time and patience. Simultaneousness of such tasks as description of the results, choice of a suitable journal, compliance with all high requirements, search of translators and editors, material proofreading and much more stops a scientist in his work on research. But it is thanks to such intermediary companies that a scientist can entrust the process of publishing to the professionals and continue his scientific practice. And this is just a small list of all services provided by consulting companies. However, a scientist or a graduate student will not find anywhere the support that covers completely different areas of the publication process. Unfortunately, universities do not have expert guidance that could qualitatively help researchers with publication processes and contribute to their successful implementation.  

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