What does a scientist need to know to successfully pass a peer review?

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The peer review process in the scientific world is a mandatory step that all scientists submitting their studies for publication have to undergo. Often, this is a long process that requires a responsible approach to material preparation. Scientific Publications – Publ.Science helps researchers to successfully undergo peer review and receive publication both in national and in international journals included in the scientometric databases of Scopus, Web of Science, and others. That is why we have prepared several recommendations that will help form a scientific article, focusing on the requirements of.  


1. Novelty is the key to success

2. The structure of the text

3. Language of a scientific article

4. Originality of information

5. One article – one journal

What does a scientist need to know to successfully pass a peer review?

Novelty is the key to success

One of the reasons that influences the speed and success of peer review is the novelty of the discovery and its necessity. Topical research will always be extremely valuable in the academia. Furthermore, it is important that the article is well-written, logically structured, and the reviewers are able to grasp the full meaning of it. One should not publish an article if it looks more like some kind of report without any scientific interest, or if its content is obsolete. In no case should a scientist publish erroneous results or those that will be of no use for other scientists.

The structure of the text

During the preparation of the article, the scientists most often adhere to the precise structure of IMRAD (Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion). In addition, one needs to carefully consider the title of the article so that it is concise, but fully reflects the material. Jargon or abbreviations (unless they are common) are not to be used.

Furthermore, a scientist should think the abstract through, which will help the editors and other scientists will be able to draw the correct conclusion regarding the study. It is also necessary to select the precise keywords, then other authors can easily find the scientific article. Abstract should be simple, attract attention, and carry important and necessary information.

Language of a scientific article

The article must be written in a competent and scientific language (clarity, conciseness, brevity, objectivity, logic, consistency) so that the reviewer understands everything correctly and does not waste time on clarifications. In addition, the material must be translated into academic English if the author claims to be published in a high-quality international journal. Then the article will become accessible to many foreign scientists and would be cited in their studies.

Originality of information

A scientific article is true data, there is no place for falsification and plagiarism. All sources must be referred to in the study, otherwise it will cause many questions and suspicions among reviewers.

One article – one journal

Publication ethics means that an article can only be published once. In case when the article was not accepted and returned to the author, only then can they submit it to another editorial board. Therefore, from the very beginning it is worth preparing a couple of journals that fit your article, to play it safe.

And finally: answer yourself an important question and evaluate your article objectively! Does the text require revision, editing, or translation? Approach your supervisor or colleague who works in your subject area to get a second opinion and, possibly, get their recommendations for improving your study.

Or you can contact a scientific consulting company, where professional editors will help you proofread and improve the study in accordance with all the requirements of the journal where the article is to be submitted. Scientific Publications – Publ.Science has been working in publication services for many years and helps scientists from all over the world select quality journals and publish scientific articles. If you want your study to be reviewed quickly and successfully, contact us, and we will get in touch with you to discuss any questions you might have.

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