What is an affiliation? Its importance for scientific research

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Affiliation means «belonging to an organisation». In the scientific world, this term has approximately the same meaning. In simple words, this is information about the scientific organisation based on which the author conducts the research. The requirements for almost every scientific paper include affiliation. It is especially important to design it correctly for works that are published in journals indexed in Scopus/Web of Science.

What is an affiliation? Its importance for scientific research

Why is affiliation so important?

Affiliation is a kind of tool for identifying the author. Displaying correct data about the author and their publications minimises problems with the disappearance of papers from the author's profile. This is especially important if there are many authors with the same surnames in the database.

The correct indication of data by the authors contributes to an increase in the ratings of a scientific organisation since when quoting the author, the complex level of citation of the organisation also increases. If the author's profile is not matched with a certain organisation, this may affect its ratings and funding.

It is necessary to initially specify verified data for affiliation, otherwise, the procedure for making adjustments to the author's profile cannot be avoided. This is a common problem, especially for international databases. For example, in 2014, 4041 papers published in Scopus by Russian authors did not specify the name of the country out of 7415 papers. As a result, they were not identified as Russian publications. There are also publications where it is impossible to determine either the author or the profile of the organisation. There are approximately 1.5% of them in the Scopus database.

Basic recommendations for registration of affiliation:

  • Use the unified name of the scientific organisation. This information can be found in the charter of the organisation or on the official website.
  • Pay attention to the translation. When translating the name of the institution, it is worth using the main non-changing name without prefixes.
  • Observe the rules of punctuation. All structural elements of the affiliation should be separated by commas (the name of the university, faculty, department, etc.)
  • It is worth paying special attention to affiliation, where there are two or more organisations. If a scientific paper is co-authored and its authors are representatives of different organisations, it is necessary to pay special attention to the order of placement. In no case can several organisations be listed in one line.
  • It is necessary to specify information about the geographical location of the organisation. If, for example, one enters data only about the research base university without defining the city and country, the information will not be displayed correctly in global statistics. It will not be possible to search for this publication by city or country. In addition, the paper may be lost in the organisation's profile.

Basic affiliation schemes

To create a correct affiliation, it is necessary to consider the requirements of the journal where the scientific paper is submitted. Therewith, it is worth noting that the most common affiliation schemes look like this:

  • organisation, city, country;
  • organisation, city and index, country;
  • organisation, house and street, city and index, country;
  • faculty or other structural unit, organisation, city, country;
  • faculty, etc., organisation, city and index, country;
  • faculty, etc., organisation, house and street, city and index, country.

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