What the H-index is and what it means in the modern science and scientometrics

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Agree, the fact that your statements are referred to can not but rejoice, but when your scientific research is quoted by other scientists - this is a reason for pride. The so-called H-index was developed for measuring this indicator. What is it and why is it so important?


The Hirsch Index is a scientometric indicator that is a quantitative characteristic of the productivity of a scientist, a group of scientists or a scientific organization  based on the number of publications and citations of these publications for the whole period of the scientific activity. The index is presented in Scopus и Web of Science Abstract Databases and its main purpose is to demonstrate objectivity in evaluating scientist's productivity.


In what way can a scientist increase the H-index? First, one should systematically publish one's scientific articles, and, second, provide good citation for them. The first point is not as difficult to fulfil as the second one. If you have an interesting and high-quality material that you can consider from different angles, develop its basic idea and look into its study and, in the result, you will get an excellent research work, then there are problems with its citation. Even if an article is of the highest quality, you will not be quoted without publication in a reputable journal that is indexed in and . The publications in such rating journals, in its turn, require a lot of time and material costs.


So, you are the author of an excellent scientific research that has already been published and indexed in Scopus or WoS, but due to certain circumstances, you have no large number of publications in journals included in these scientometric databases, you will not manage to get a high value of the H-index.


What to do in such a situation?

The specialists and editors of Scientific Publications - Publ.Science Company  will ensure a good citation of your research work and, therefore, a stable growth of the H-index. We have extensive experience in the field of scientometrics, cooperate with many international publishing houses and scientific organizations, and we will be glad to help you get a guaranteed increase of the H-index. 


Interesting fact. The value of the H-index of Albert Einstein, a world-famous theoretical physicist, was 27. The customers of Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company who addressed to us not so long ago, today can boast of an index with a much higher value.

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