What is ORCID and why is it important for a scientist?

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Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is an identifier that allows to identify a scientist, track their scientific and publication activities and is created for the purpose of registering scientists from around the world.

ORCID contains the main data of the scientist (name, e-mail, the name of the organisation in which they work, as well as information about their research activity).

The ORCID ID is a 16-digit number that is consistent with the International Standard Naming Identifier (ISNI) ISO 27729: 2012. This is exactly the infrastructure that helps scientists exchange information and create connections between their scientific article.

More than 3 million users have already signed up for this service. Many scientists, scientific organisations and libraries, as well as publishing houses and commercial companies have joined this platform.    

What is the benefit for a scientist from registering with ORCID

 ► the problem with the identification of the scientist disappears (letters change to numbers, which simplifies the situation if the data of scientists are written in different languages)

► this project can be linked to many scientific information systems: Author ID (Scopus) and Researcher ID (Web of Science), as well as include links to a profile in Mendeley, Google Scholar, LinkedIn, etc.

► the author spends less time on manual data entry, which minimises the possibility of errors and waste of time.  

► simple and quick way to register.  

The reason that influenced the creation of this service is the emergence of problems with the definition of scientists who have the same first or last name. For example, a situation with a grant. When submitting documents for funding, donors check previously published articles by the author and his participation in grants. Due to the popularity of certain surnames, problems may arise in determining the required scientist and their scientific papers. To prevent such ambiguous situations, you need to use ORCID. Reliable information is essential for every scientist to accurately search and identify an article, track and index it, as well as to support the peer review process and find funding. Due to the ORCID profile, the scientist ensures correct and stable citation of their articles works (articles are visible in search engines), as well as submission of articles to international scientific publications, applications for grants and participation in world rankings.

Indeed, for the career and reputation of a scientist, it is very important to quickly and accurately identify them and concentrate all basic information in one place. A scientist draws up ORCID at their discretion, fills in personal data, creates a password, monitors all privacy settings, decides which articles they add to the profile, which is automatically pulled up in Scopus, what information will be available to a wide range, and which will be visible only to a certain list of trusted of people.

The researcher must have only one ORCID number, it can be indicated in their documents, letters and applications. Thanks to this number, the author can always enter their account, despite the change of name, surname, etc.

ORCID is needed for all participants in the publication process

Author: there is no need to collect information about articles, everything is collected in one place.

Editorials: one can easily view the published articles and contact the author to resolve various issues.

Universities: monitor the scientific activities of the university staff and keep records based on this data.

Scientific organisations: there is an opportunity to supervise members of their communities, conference participants.

Libraries: simplifies the processing and maintenance of catalogues by author.

Journals: all information after the publication of the article can be sent to ORCID.

Funds: follow the scientific activities of the author, their participation in grants.

The decision to write this article was the appeal of our clients with a request for assistance in their registration in the ORCID system. Our company supports the use of all platforms that simplify and improve any scientific publication processes. We are happy to provide information support to all our clients, but the author will need to submit and fill in all their data for ORCID unassisted.  

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