Exclusion from Scopus in 2019! Check the list of journals!

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The topic of today's newsbreak is very important for every scientist who publishes his scientific articles, namely,  publishing an exclusive list of journals excluded from the Scopus list in January of 2019.


Such journals as Academic Journal of Cancer Research, Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, Biophysical Reviews and Letters, Business and Economic Horizons, European Journal of Scientific Research and 553 more demonstrated abnormally large or small scientific activity, published poor-quality material in their editions, were journals-predators or did not comply with the other rules and standards of the database in which they were included.

What does it mean for a scientist who submitted his article for publication in these journals?

All publications issued before the journal's exclusion will be indexed, for example, the articles published in 2018 will remain indexed. But it is important to take into account that journals often accept research works for publication in advance or delay an issue. Thus, having accepted an article in autumn 2018, it will be published in the winter issue of 2019 after the journal's exclusion – in this case, a scientist will lose a lot of time, efforts and financial resources in vain because there will be no indexing.

The main difficulty for most scientists when choosing a periodical for publication arises from the inability to find all the information about the journals of interest in the public domain.


What grounds can be for the journal's exclusion  from the database in the near future?

  1. Systematic increase of the publications' volumes
  2. Absence of high-quality scientific material in the published articles
  3. Absence of editorial line-up
  4. Extremely short peer review period (10 days, etc.)


You can find this information personally, but without an expert verification you still can not be 100% sure of the quality of the selected periodical. Or you can turn to a professional expert company to find a bona fide and really reputable journal and continue to engage in the scientific activity without being worried about whether your article will be indexed or not.


Success in choosing a journal for publishing the research works is a constant control, extensive experience and monitoring of scientific publications sphere and that is what our company has been working at in for many years. Our specialists professionally choose each scientific journal, previously communicating with its representatives and conducting an independent investigation of its activity by screening out low-quality journals and journals-predators. All this is done in order to exclude any possibility of refusal when publishing your article and especially its indexing.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company has always been proud of its authority and crystal clear reputation, and the given list of periodicals has once again confirmed our title of a market leader because we did not cooperate with any of the excluded journals, publishing our customers only in the verified periodicals, thereby ensuring the indexing of research works entrusted to us.


Below you can see the full list of journals excluded from the Scopus Database as at January 2019 (558 journals).​​​​​​​

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