List of 560 excluded journals in May 2019!

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Today, we want to share with you the relevant information for every scientist. It will come to the additional exclusion of scientific journals from the list of periodicals indexed in Scopus Scientometric Database.


As a rule, Scopus exludes journals once a year, in rare cases – twice: in winter and autumn. The announced exclusion of journals in May of this year is very untypical for Scopus Database. In its turn, it can significantly spoil the publication plans for many scientists. Some journals can accept a research paper in advance or delay its issue for some reason. This becomes the reason that the research, published in the periodical after its exclusion from Scopus, will not be indexed in this database. Because of this, a scientist loses time, money and effort which he devoted to the publication period. However, if the article was accepted to the journal before its exclusion from the database, a research paper will be indexed in Scopus.


The exclusions occur due to the fact that journals show abnormally big or small scientific activity, publish low-quality materials in their editions, are the journals-predators or do not comply with the other rules and standards of the database where they are included.


Here are a few features of the journal that can be excluded from the database in the near future:

o Presence of a large number of low-quality research materials in the journal's editions.

o Lack of academic information about the editor and staff of the editorial board.

o Systematic increase of the number of publications.

o Suspiciously short terms of scientific review of the research (about 1 week).

o Absence of transparency in the procedure of article publication.

o Publication of research papers of previously published in the other scientific journals.

o Minimum editing of research articles.

o Sharp change of scientometric metrics and indicators of a journal.


If the information about a journal corresponds to one or more of the above features, we strongly recommend to abstain from publication in such periodicals to save your scientific reputation, time and finance.


Scientific Publications–Publ.Science Company works only with reliable sources and informs its customers about all changes in scientometry. We use our own experience and knowledge in this field to help our clients be published only in the journals we can be 100% sure of.


Below you can see the full list of journals excluded from Scopus Database as of May 2019.


List of journals for exclusion in May 2019


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