Exclusion of journals from Scopus in (march 2020)?

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Elsevier has published a list of journals that have been excluded from the Scopus database. Their number is surprisingly small – only 14 journals. Usually, this procedure takes place in winter and the scale is more massive (hundreds of journals).

What is the exclusion fraught with for a researcher?

If an article was published in a journal that was further excluded is already in the Scopus database, it will continue to be indexed there. But those articles that are only pending publication in a journal that is excluded will never get indexed in Scopus. Because of this, a researchers may lose time, resources, and money. They are forced to start over with the search for a suitable journal and not to burn fingers a second time.

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Scopus Excluded Journal List of the 2020 Year

Elsevier has published a list of journals that have been excluded from the Scopus database. Their number, surprisingly, is small - only 14 publications. You can download the detailed list on the website

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