Studying the Scopus Database parameters: years of Scopus coverage

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In the previous article, we have already written how important it is to check the sources for indexing. It is the only way a scientist can protect his research materials from publications in journals-predators.

Studying the Scopus Database parameters: years of Scopus coverage

Many people address to us consultation, some people check the journals for availability in the database on their own. If you belong to the second category, be very attentive or better leave the request "check the journal for indexing" in Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company.

 Without official registration you do not have access to the full information of the website and you will not always be able to own the correct data.

"Years of Scopus Coverage"

Also, there often arises one and the same question about  "years of Scopus coverage". 

A visitor of website, when searching for a particular publication in the Sources section, can be faced with the problem of information's non-actuality which is displayed in the journal's profile. For example, our customers often wonder if indexing continues in Scopus in the current year of 2019 if the field of "Scopus coverage years" shows "until 2018".

 We assure you that such data does not say about a publication's exclusion from the database! Taking into account the fact that Scopus contains more than 20 000 journals and is continuous updated, keeping the account is extremely difficult.Therefore, the information in the profiles is not always actual.

Excluded journals

Excluded journals are marked in a special way.

The note (coverage in Scopus is terminated) indicates absolute exclusion and indexing termination. It should be necessarily paid attention to!

As we can see, the citation of the journal excluded in 2018 is calculated based on the data for 2017.

Do you still have doubts?

If you still have doubts about the scope of Scopus Database source if there is a record "before 2018", pay attention to the date of the report (it should be for 2019) or go to the section of Scopus Content. The availability of materials with the date of publication in 2019 suggests that there is no reason for concern. The given journal is definitely covered by the database and successfully continues to be indexed.

We warn! An article's publication in the journal which indexing is terminated will not help you in defending a thesis, obtaining a grant for research or conferring an academic rank or degree!

Do you still have questions regarding Scopus coverage or there are other unresolved problems in the field of scientometrics? We will find a way out from many situation.We will explain, advise and help. Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company will take care of your research materials!

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