How to achieve a high citation level of a research article?

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Every author wants his research work to be in demand among the other researchers, to be often cited himself and help the other scientists make new discoveries in the scientific field. How to write a work that will have high scientometric citation rates among the other scientific experiments?


1. A research work should be of interest for its subject and novelty of the research. Use only actual information in your research work.

If an article contains useful and unique data, then the other authors will refer to it, use in their research works and make new discoveries. They should be valuable at the moment of research and checked in reliable sources. Use the materials from foreign and domestic journals. This will increase the authority and trust to a research work.


 2. Publish your research works only in top-rated periodicals.

The higher the authority and  quartile of a journal are, the more qualified is the readership. Successful scientists do not read or publish their research works in bad journals. A good periodical is

1. Indexing in Scopus or Web of Science.

2. High level of impact factorof (the WoS) or the SJR (Scopus) metrics in the subject area of science.

3. High indicators of a quartile.

It is difficult to get into the journals indexed by the above mentioned databases. They have very strict and serious requirements for research articles. But indexing in such top-rated journals helps every scientist increase the citaton leveil of his research works.


 3. Accurately specify personal data, especially, in the English transliteration.

Even not significant mistakes in the spelling of a last name or mixing up the letters in some places can cause problems. One should be very careful that a research work should not prove to be in vain. Check repeatedly all the data of a scientist's affiliation before and after the publication and insist on the correction if there was made a mistake by the editors. Careless attitude to this information will lead to incorrect indexing of a research work in the databases (DB).


4. Write in the  co-authorship with the other scientists, especially, with international researchers who have already succeeded in their fields of science. Exchange the links to the research works with the other authors.

The co-authorship will be of interest to the other scientists and will increase the authority of the research. This will help expand the audience and increase the citation rates. This method is important for the researchers who are just embarking on the research path.


5. Open the access for foreign scientists to your research work and put into practice writing review articles in which you will cover the process of the research.

Translate the materials into  the academic English language which is universal. After all, it is a language of communication of all scientific community. Then a research work will be 100% more often cited. And writing review articles will help the other authors in the more concise way  acquaint themselves with the research works in order to orient and understand the tendencies in this discipline as well as in the related fields. 


6. Pay special attention to writing the abstract of a research work.

It should formatted in accordance with all requirements and translated into academic English. It is important to choose the right keywords that a research work could be easily found in the search system of the database. One should  understand that the abstract plays a crucial role in decision making, namely, if it is worth acquainting oneself with the whole research work or not. 


7. Write an article in a scientific, but plain language. 

The other authors should read it easily and with interest, even if the text has a lot of terminology. One should not write very big sentences and use in the text complex structures and introductory words. One should try to structure an article that it should be interesting for a reader from the beginning to the end of the text to acquaint himself with the process and result of the research.


8. Mention in your research works the articles with an impeccable reputation and check every source.

Then such bibliographic references will show that a scientist is familiar with significant research works in his field and that it is they that became the inspiration and help in writing this research.


 Adhering to these tips, the other researchers will necessarily mention such research works. This will contribute to new contacts as well as increase the citation level and reputation of an author in the scientific community.


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