Research report: What does it include? The main elements and features according to GOST 7.32-2017

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The process of conducting each research consists of mandatory stages. When working on a study or experiment, it is necessary to correctly record the results obtained, summarise them, and provide a detailed description of each. To do this, a number of countries have introduced a standard for reporting on research work.           

Research report: What does it include? The main elements and features according to GOST 7.32-2017                                                                                                             

In Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, the norms of the Interstate Standard — GOST 7.32-2017 are applied. It was adopted by the Interstate Council for Standardisation, Metrology and Certification. The research report is submitted twice — before the beginning of the study and after its completion. The first acts rather as a plan of necessary measures.

What is GOST 7.32-2017?

This is a regulatory document that acts as a standard for the completion of research reports. It regulates the general requirements for the structure of the report and highlights its key points.

The requirements of GOST are the same for the four countries and regard the registration of the results of research, design, and engineering works. The standard is used for all fields of sciences, regardless of the organisational and legal form of the institution based on which the research is conducted.

What does the research report include?

The research report contains the main data of the work, describes the problems of the research field, the research process and its result. In addition to the final report, interim reports may be compiled. They are regulated by GOST 15.101. Interim reports are compiled depending on the research calendar plan.

Final reports are submitted to the relevant scientific and technical information body.

Structural elements of the research report

The main elements of the research report:

  • The title page. It is necessary to place information about the name of the research, the name of the report, the code of the scientific programme or subject, specify the place and year of the report, etc.
  •  List of performers. If there are several performers, it is necessary to post information about each of them with the appropriate signatures. It is necessary to note the responsible executors and co-executors, indicating the role of each of them in the preparation of the report. 
  •  Abstract. This element contains keywords, information about the total volume, number of books, illustrations, sources, etc. The text of the abstract provides information about the object, purposes, methods, results, area of application, recommendations for implementation or their results, and forecasts.
  • Content. It specifies the names of structural elements: sections, subsections, etc.
  • Introduction. This structural element should include relevance, originality, and connection with other research papers.
  • The main part. It includes substantiation of the choice of the research area, methods, their assessment, general research methodology, main characteristics of the research, generalisations, evaluation of the results of the research, analysis of their reliability and effectiveness.
  • Conclusion. This structural element includes brief conclusions, evaluation of solutions to problems, recommendations on the use of results and their characteristics.

Additionally, the structure may include:

  • Terms and definitions. They are used to clarify the main points of the research.
  • List of abbreviations and designations. They are used to avoid duplication of large names or terms.
  • References. Shows which works the authors of the study refer to.
  • Applications. They are used for a schematic or visual demonstration of research results, their elements.

Specific features of the report

In some cases, the research report may be slightly modified. For example, this is possible if the report implies the results of the use of grant funds. In such cases, special attention should be paid to the form with the records of publications on project results.

It includes information about how many and which publications were actualised based on the results of the scientific project. A separate form must be filled in for each publication. It contains main information about the paper (title, year, author's name, etc.). In addition, the following should be noted: DOI (if available), whether the paper has been accepted for publication and in which edition. Separately, it is worth specifying whether the publication is indexed by the Web of Science, Scopus, or RSCI database, the impact factor of the publication, whether the publication is affiliated with the recipient organisation of funding as a source of funding.

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