What is the research and consulting company working on when reviewing an article?

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Have you ever wondered why all the submissions coming in the editorials of the journals included in Scopus and Web of Science, have to undergo a mandatory peer review (expert evaluation of the research work)? In the scientific world, this happens in order to comply with all publication standards and determine the level of its research base, as well as to select innovative and relevant materials.


Reviewing takes quite a long time, and many of our customers are interested in what the research and consulting company is doing during this process. At the phase of peer review, work in the consulting company is in full swing, and its specialists continue taking on the project, controlling all the stages. The most active participants in this work are: Customer Service Department, Technical Editing Department, Communications Department and Translation Department. 


Customer Service Department


During the review, the client manager is constantly in touch with the client. He notifies the review process and communicates with the author to specify any details. In addition, the client manager constantly maintains contact with the technical editing department of the company and monitors the formation of reviews. All departments are interested in the most successful implementation of each project, but it is the client manager who is the link, the client’s lawyer who oversees the performance of all contract conditions. 


Technical Editing Department


For the period of expert review, the editors of the company communicate with the editorial board of the journal and monitor the status of the work. Before getting into peer review, the submission sent to the journal is evaluated by the editorial staff of the publication. This preliminary stage is called the “initial review”, and the main emphasis shifts to checking the composition of scientific paper. If editors find errors in the article, they may request to introduce adjustments in the paper, for example, add literature to the list of references, replace illustrations, shorten the article, or formalize it according to other requirements of the given journal, because the main review process may not begin without it . 


The second stage is the assessment of the text for objectivity, after which the decision is taken to either send the paper for consideration or return it for revision. And only after the first review by the editors is over, the paper is passed on to expert reviewers. Assessment of the paper can last from a month to a year. This duration is due to the fact that the journal does not always quickly find reviewers specializing in the discipline covered in the article. At this time, the editorial department of a research and consulting company can join in the search for experts to speed up the process. They offer their candidates, providing customers with reasonable and faster review deadlines.  


The author can be engaged only if the discussion between the editor and the reviewer goes out of their field, and some questions (of a clarification nature) arise regarding the paper or if specialized information about the research experiment, which only the author of the article knows, is required. 


Communications Department


This department of the company selects the journal most suitable for the client's article. This sometimes requires a fairly large amount of time, since the requests may differ (a certain quartile or impact factor of a publication, discipline, country of issue, etc.). In addition to the main journal, the Communications Department simultaneously selects alternative options so that in case of negative review, they could immediately send the paper to another journal and prepare an article in advance, in accordance with its criteria. This is to ensure timely publication and to comply with all warranties set in the contract.


Translation Department


At the time of the review, the employees of this department are engaged in proofreading and adjustment of the material, as well as in the search and communication with foreign experts for accurate translation into different languages, if required by the journal in which the review is being performed.


Work on each project requires the participation of a large team of company specialists, therefore, in addition to the departments listed above, accountants, lawyers, IT developers, management and other employees are also involved in all publication processes during the review.  


In addition, some words on the importance of publication planning. You must set aside at least six months for the review period, then each scientist will have time to publish without rush and stress.


The "Scientific Publications - Publ.Science" company wishes you interesting research and is always happy to help with publications. If you have additional questions, ask them using any form of contacting us on the site. 


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