Scientometric indicators of a scientist

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Modern scientometrics is a huge layer of scientific information that must be analysed to see the dynamics of processes in the field of science. This helps to build a development strategy, implement ideas and outline prospects. In this article, we will consider the main indicators of a scientist, which help study their scientific activity and act as some kind of stimuli, catalysts in their professional activity.

Scientometric indicators of a scientist

Number of publications is the total number of publications that are concentrated in a specific database over a period of time. Their number is an indicator of the activity and productivity of the scientist, their authority, contribution to the scientific field. Apart from the author, the number of publications can be calculated for a journal, scientific institution, country.

The number of citations (citation index) is the sum of all citations per publication, which is an indicator of the scientific impact of the researcher's work. A high citation index of a scientist demonstrates the effectiveness of a scientific institution.

Average citations per article is the average number of citations per publication. It is calculated as the ratio of the total number of references to the total number of published articles. This indicator evaluates the quality of scientific material, author, scientific organisation.

The Hirsch index is a scientometric indicator that shows the productivity of a scientist. Furthermore, it demonstrates the activity of a group of researchers, a scientific institution, a country. It is based on counting the number of publications and citations of articles for a certain period of time. It is calculated in the Scopus and Web of Science databases. The Hirsch index may differ in these two scientometric platforms due to different data in them. It is easy to count, which made it popular.

How to increase the Hirsch index?

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