website update 2021: what has changed?

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The scientometric database of Scopus emphasises the constant improvement of services and tools as one of the priorities of its activity. This helps researchers to conduct their research more conveniently, quickly, and efficiently. Previously, the Scopus database updated its website by redesigning. Researchers from all over the world were able to optimise scientific searches, the site improved its functional content, expanded the possibilities of search queries, parameters of analytical information, etc. However, this is not a complete list of updates.

We analyse what opportunities appeared on the updated website of the Scopus scientometric database in 2021.

Author Feedback Wizard

The Author Feedback Wizard allows editing information about authors and their research. With recent updates, this service has become faster and easier. Authors can correct the necessary updates and promptly correct the profile information . Now AFT can also be used to provide feedback and send feedback on all preprints associated with the author's profile (material submitted before or after the publication of a scientific article, its “draft”).

Document details page

This page displays data about the analytics of scientific articles. Now a new characteristic has been added — “Number of views”. It can help the researcher with the assessment of the coverage of the article and predicting the level of its citation. Furthermore, a Scopus author profile preview function has been added.

Using PlumX Metrics

On the Scopus page, the Document details page contains 3 citation categories (Clinical, Patent, and Policy) according to PlumX Metrics. It indicates the use of citations by researchers and academic institutions, determining the level of scientific influence. All metrics are contained in the author's profile, so researchers can quickly find and, if necessary, make a report on the scientific impact of their paper using PlumX Metrics data.

Extending preprints

To disseminate the main theses of scientific articles even before the publication stage, the Scopus scientometric database added preprints to the authors' profile. This innovation was implemented in early 2021. Preprints have been added to the profiles since 2017, which include data from arXiv and ChemRxiv, bioRxiv and medRxiv (in physics and biomedical sciences). With updates to Scopus, developers started adding data from the Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Thus, the number of preprints has been increased to approximately 1.4 million.

Expanding information on financing

To improve the quality of search tools, the Scopus database has expanded institution information to fund the author's research. Thus, users can view articles by funding method. This is how researchers search for relevant grants that they can use to finance their scientific developments.

Update of Open Access filters

Some materials in the Scopus scientometric database are freely available. Currently, their number has increased by about 5.5 million articles, which is associated with the expansion of the interpretation of “open access” by the database itself. Authors can search all publicly available files or use particular filters. They are identified with Open Access tags indicating publication status: Gold, Hybrid-Gold, Bronze, or Green. This typology depends on the parameters of free access.

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