Open Access is the policy of open access to scientific journals

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For today open access to research works is an actual topic in the world scientific community. In this article we will try to analyze it in more detail and answer the main questions.

What is the reason for appearance of Open Access (OA)?

Interesting and important research is often not available to the wide audience because of the need to pay for the access. Many universities and organizations that finance the research actively support open science. That is what became the main reason for Open Access Movement. 

What does publication in OA journals mean?

This is a good opportunity for the publication activity of every author. The works can attract the attention of other scientists to the results of experiments and bring them to the scientific community. The materials are available and seen for researchers in online regime. This will contribute to the increase of the citation level which will be no lower than in the traditional journals. After all, the open access model implies more active use of the results of scientific activity by the other researchers. And this helps achieve new career heights.

What are the rules of a peer review in open access journals?

Every open access journal has its own requirements for a peer review. With their help one can determine a periodical's level. But their standards of evaluation of a scientific journal are lower than in traditional ones. This leads to the fact that the quality of articles in Open Access periodicals can be not as good as in Closed-Access ones. Like in traditional periodicals, the submitted material should be properly edited and formatted, translated into academic English, have the uniqueness of the research and its results, etc.  

What is the difference between a publication in an ordinary journal and that in an Open Access journal? 

In a traditional journal and the OA journals, an author pays for a peer review costs. But a scientist does not pay for the publication of an article itself in the first type of journals unlike those in Open Access which are supposed to have a fairly high cost of publication. Payment for the publication in the OA journals depends on a journal's level, its quartile and impact factor . Often the publication of a research work can be financed by a patron or the organisation interested in the scientific activity of an author. Also, you can team up with another scientist for the implementation of the project.

What are the advantages of co-authorship?

Open access to journals makes it easier to find a co-author. Teaming up, scientists divide the cost of a publication between one other. Joint writing a research work helps cooperate and exchange experience between foreign and domestic scientists. This opens up more opportunities for the research activity and accelerates the progress in a certain field of science. Copyright of every scientist is protected and assigned to each of them. Scientists do not pass them to the journal, but reserve and independently dispose of their materials.

A global event in Open Access Movement was the launch of the OA indicator by Elsevier Publishing House which contributes to the development of conditions for searching for open access scientific material and working with it. Now all users have the opportunity to read the research works of other authors for free, download them and use for different research purposes and develop science.

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