Open Access in Scopus. Open access to science.

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The idea of open science is of interest to many scientists around the world because it is an opportunity to get the access to important information that can be trusted and used in their discoveries, especially, when it comes to the data which is published in the journals included in Scopus.


Scopus Database is one of the largest abstract and citation platforms in the world. It contains a huge number of peer-reviewed scientific literature, namely, scientific publications, books, conference proceedings and other research materials which amount up to 21 000. This platform is constantly working in the direction of ensuring the actuality of scientific data, providing the access to the experiments of international level for all its subscribers.


An important step for Scopus was the opportunity to implement on its platform Open Access (OA), that is, open and fast access to research articles. The users of this database can freely study peer-reviewed articles from about 4 000 journals.


Elsevier, the largest publishing house, the owner of Scopus, cooperating with Impactstory Company, which develops tools for working online, creates a more open research environment for all researchers. Now scientists can study the materials of the other authors and conduct a full retrospective of research. A large number of peer-reviewed articles which are in the public domain help researchers in their activities.


Jason Priem, Head of Impactstory Company, said that there had been done a large amount of work to create more open research space, and thanks to cooperation with Elsevier, an important step had been taken in creating a powerful and open system in scientific communication.


Open access indicator (OA) helps facilitate the search of the necessary material for all users of the database, it is easier to identify scientific journals and determine whether the publication is in open or denied access. A scientist will be able to easily extract the necessary information in certain subject areas, working with journals, series of book, conference proceedings and other publications.


Scopus updates information about journals 3 or 4 times during the year. All research papers pass a peer review process which provides for compliance with strict requirements for every article, after which all publications are available for subscribers of this database for reading and downloading.


What are the Open Access variants in Scopus?


- Journals in Open Access. These open-access periodicals are called gold, and scientists, publishing their articles in them, pay a fee only for the processing of a research paper to cover the costs of publishing the manuscript.


- Articles in Open Access. They are also called hybrid publications, and they become available to those who have no subscription if an author pays a sponsorship fee. This fee can be reimbursed by the research organisation or the sponsor.


- Green Open Access. With the help of green access, scientists can share their discoveries with the other researchers by placing their manuscript in a repository with open access for a wide range of scientists after a certain time period.


This policy of Open Access is supported by many authors, patrons and scientific organisations, but the percentage of publications in OA remains not high. More often in open access one can see the articles on medicine, life science and less often on economics and social sciences.


Elsevier Company aims to create better and more accessible science for researchers. Their team does its best for Scopus to have only actual information which can be used by scientists in their developments. Elsevier continues to look for the tools that would open up new horizons for the development of scientometrics around the world, benefit and intensify progress in the scientific system.


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