Particularities of articles publication on one's own

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What should a scientist do for professional growth and development of his potential? Of course, he should be engaged in research, development, and studying.  But instead of all this, a scientist in modern science is faced with the necessity for conducting the works that is not always his strong point. Such as translation into another language, negotiations with editors and publishing houses, bureaucratic registration, etc. Scientific Publications-Publ.Science has been engaged in this work for several years and for a publication's success we strongly recommend to use a full range of services.  Then the result of a publication will be even higher than expectations because the company takes over full responsibility for the result.


The best analogue that comes to mind in this case is the promotion companies in professional sports. When an athlete is engaged exceptionally in workouts and development in sports, leaving to the company the functions of increasing his recognition, negotiating on his behalf and in his interests, strengthening ratings, providing with necessary equipment, etc. Do you know many professional athletes who would do this themselves and at the same time achieve some significant results in their sport careers?!


In our case there is a similar situation, a team of specialists will smoothly perform all stages of a successful publication, taking over the responsibility for the whole process, but not only some part of the work. 


In the final result, it can be structured as follows:

a) If you need to be published, but your research work is not ready, or you are not sure that you will be able to carry out the negotiations with peer reviewers in foreign languages, and especially to do a translation of your research work. 


b) If you need help only at some intermediate stages, it is better to order these services in one company, because if a research work was prepared by one company, but the negotiations were conducted by another one, there can be an unsuccessful result and it is not clear by whose fault it occurred.


c) But if you have a very good level of English (it is important to know that sometimes this is not enough for conveying the meaning of the research) and a good deal of time (there can be many refusals, waiting for them can take much time, you will need to often revise a research work) – then you can certainly try to go through the whole process on your own. It will be definitely useful experience.

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