"Scientific publications - Publ.science" company has prepared answers to frequently asked questions of its clients

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In the process of work, our company's clients often ask various questions related to our cooperation. To save your time, we have collected the most popular of them and prepared detailed answers.

Why can't I publish my scientific article on my own? Is it obligatory for me to ask for your help?

The main task of a scientist is to engage in research, teaching, and development of science. However, it turns out that the world of modern scientific publications is more like a complex bureaucratic monster, where you have to make endless searches for relevant journals, conduct long negotiations with editors from different countries, repeatedly edit, proofread, and translate text, and understand legal, banking and mental cultures of international publishers. Scientific Publications – Publ.Science gives researchers confidence that their article will meet all the criteria, and is guaranteed to be published in a quality journal, and the scientist will be able to continue focusing on their research.

What are the guarantees that I will be published?

Firstly, Publ.Science operates within the legal framework. We enter into an agreement with all customers, in which we prescribe all the conditions and guarantees, provide certificates of work performed and issue an invoice, if necessary. Secondly, our company has been working in scientometrics for many years. During this period, we have become a leader in this field. Our company cooperates with higher education institutions, government agencies and partner magazines around the world. And all this gives us a reason to say that the publication of each of our clients will be guaranteed.

Can I be sure that my work will not be stolen?

In providing services, we adhere to strict confidentiality and publishing ethics, as well as are guided by the principles of copyright protection for the client. Personal information, contacts, and all materials that appear during the work on the project and after publication are not disclosed and are not passed on to third parties. The above is prescribed in the terms and conditions of the Cooperation Agreement.

Why does publishing an article take so long?

Publication in an international database is a complex and multi-stage process involving many professionals. If the researcher chooses to publish in the Scopus database, then the publication of their article can take from 9 months to 2 years, in the Web of Science – one year or longer. Our company collaborates with many partner magazines, so sometimes we manage to publish works faster than usual. We have had cases where we have published an article in a month, but this is the exception rather than the rule.

How can we contact you and how quickly do you respond to a request for cooperation?

You can contact us via chat on the website, e-mail, fill out the form or by calling the number listed on the website. We try to respond to each application the same day it was submitted. If the application is received late or on a day off, the answer will be provided the next day or on the first working day after the day off. Our specialists respond to applications online.

Can I order an individual service that is not on the list of services on the site?

Of course! We provide almost all types of publishing services, but if our client needs some individual help, our specialists are ready to solve any scientific problems, both point and complex.

In what disciplines do you work? Are there any areas of knowledge that you do not undertake? 80% of all articles published by us belong to such disciplines as chemistry, physics, mathematics, biology, economics, law, medicine, ecology, pedagogy, and their derivatives. But it is not difficult for us to publish works in other fields of science. We work with any discipline.

Why is it so expensive to publish an article?

The publication period includes many stages of preparation of scientific work, namely: finalisation of the material, its design and editing, translation, selection of the journal among many other journals, communication with editors and reviewers, a long period of reviewing and editing after expert review. All this requires the active participation of many professionals. Working on a project on a turnkey basis, we assume all obligations set forth in the Agreement and are responsible for payments, reviews, publication fees, commissions, bank transfers, and other financial aspects. We guarantee the implementation of the project at all costs, even if it could cause us damage.

Who is working on the project of publishing the article?

The project of publication is accompanied by a large number of specialists of our company, namely: personal manager, translator, editor, specialist in negotiations with journals, accountant, lawyer, administrator, and management. Thus, thanks to a dozen qualified professionals, our company ensures the success of each project.

How can I trust your company, and can I request recommendations from your customers?

Our company can be recommended by many scientists from various higher education institutions we cooperate with. We follow strict privacy rules, so we do not disclose our customers' data publicly. But there are customers who were very satisfied with our cooperation and are ready to provide their true feedback, confirming the quality of services provided. If you want to get them contact us about it and we will give it to you.

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