Scientific Publications – Publ.Science has launched an international project "Certification Centre"

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Scientific Publications – Publ.Science has launched the international platform "Certification Centre", on which the company's team has been working over the past months. The idea of establishing a Certification Center became a logical step after a many webinars and seminars on scientometrics for thousands of researchers from different countries.

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science launched the international project "Certification Centre"

Regulatory framework

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science is an official entity that provides educational services. The company is entitled to issue certificates that researchers can further provide in their scientific organisations for advanced training. That is why the certificate issued by the centre is an official document. Its structure has all the clauses that correspond to the legislative acts of the countries where educational services are provided.

What does the certificate include?

• the official name of the company that issues the certificate;

• subject area and scope of professional development;

• full name of the participant in the cycle of webinars and a description of the results achieved;

• date of issue of the document and its register entry;

• the position of the person who signed the document on behalf of the subject;

• the QR code, series, and number of the certificate, by which it can be verified on the platform of the Certification Centre.

Certificate from the Scientific and Educational Centre at Scientific Publications – Publ.Science

How to get a certificate after completing webinars?

To receive a certificate after webinars, you need to log in to the platform. To do this, follow these steps.

1) After completing the cycle of webinars, participants receive a letter of congratulation by e-mail on the successful completion of the cycle of webinars. In the letter, the participant copies the data (email and access code) to fill out the first registration form on the platform of the Certification Centre.

2) After that, in the second registration form, you need to enter more detailed information about your professional activities.

• Name in Russian.

• Name in English.

• Place of work.

• Scientific title or degree.

• Confirm the subscription to the Youtube channel of Scientific Publications – Publ.Science.

3) After filling out the second form, the researcher receives a second letter by email, which contains a link to download the certificate.


Document storage

The certificate will be stored on the website of the Certification Centre, where researchers can always confirm its validity. To do this, you only need to enter the series or number of the certificate, or the full name of the certified researcher.

Storing the certificate on the website of the Certification Centre

For any questions about the work of the Certification Centre, please email We are looking forward to cooperating.

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