Why is publishing a scientific article so expensive? Analysis of the publishing process.

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Publication of an article in Scopus and Web of Science is a necessary requirement for all modern scientists that are motivated by many factors, namely bringing their new and relevant developments to the attention of the scientific community, boosting their rating and obtaining a rank or grants for further research discoveries.


A publication project is a time-consuming process that requires a scientist to take complex actions and implement it in multiple stages. By approaching the company "Scientific Publications - Publ.Science" for help, the scientist gains a lot of advantages from cooperation. Let us analyse in detail why a scientist should entrust their scientific article publication project to our company.


Team Competence

Our team consists of specialists each of whom is responsible for their personal field of activity and forms an important link in a single chain of the publication process. Client manager, project manager, sales manager, editor, translator, accountant, lawyer, administrator, executives and other employees of the company all labour at the clients' materials on a daily basis and guarantee their high-quality refinement and publication in journals which are included in Scopus and Web of Science, in the most reasonable amount of time.


Each article we are working on includes a number of preparation stages, such as: finalization of the material, its design, proofreading and editing, translation, selection of a journal from a multitude of publishings, communication with editors and reviewers, period of reviewing and editing subsequent to peer review. Thanks to such an integrated approach, a scientist can completely immerse himself in their scientific activity and not be distracted by a complex publication process.


Time expenditure

Furthermore, the implementation of a publication project requires a lot of patience and is time-consuming. Every day, we negotiate with the editors of journals in search of a suitable publication for our clients on the subject of their research, and after choosing it, we communicate with the editorial board on the matters of reviewing, consideration results and inclusion of corrections according to the experts' critique on the article, which can delay the process for many months. The accumulated experience and cooperation with many journals significantly speeds up the process of publishing the paper, which enables the scientific activation of our clients.



Scientists contacting our company are concerned about the publication costs. To cover this matter, we analysed the publication fees in journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science, and discovered that prices are rather high. Still, the researchers are required to take active steps towards the scientific activity, and the author is forced to find ways to pay for publication fees, which include review process performed by the editorial staff, journal production, posting and archiving the article, as well as article processing charges (APC) that includes reimnursables for publication and printing (color illustrations).


One of the common conditions of journals that charge fees is sending a letter with an obligation to settle a publication fee from the very beginning, and only after this action an article can be submitted to the journal. And there are many such journals. Yes, of course, some journals do not post this information on their web resources, but when an article goes through the “Submission system”, there is always a section on payment and its amount.

Let us take a look at the publication fees of some of the journals of 1-3 quartile (Q) with different types of access.





PNAS” (Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America)
Impact Factor – 9.58
The journal publishes only high quality works of a general scientific nature (biology, physics, social sciences), which should be comprehensible for a wide audience of researchers. The publication fee varies from 1,640 to 4,265 US dollars, depending on the number of pages and requests of the author. For the first six months, the content of the journal is accessible only to subscribers, and after six months it becomes free and open.




Impact Factor – 2.284
This is an interdisciplinary publication that covers the latest developments in the field of physics, namely: complex liquids and liquid crystals, polymers and granular materials, etc.
The author pays a certain amount for publication fees, which includes a fee for colour illustrations – 1,060 US dollars per 1 colour illustration and 575 US dollars for each additional illustration. There is also information about the article processing fee (APC) in Open Access – it ranges from 2,200 to 3,600 US dollars.


The publication fee in the journals of 3 QUARTILE (Q3) and 4 QUARTILE (Q4), on average, starts from 500 US dollars.


Analysing the journals included in Elsevier, it turns out that most of them are hybrid and imply both the conventional format and open access to scientific content. Such access options help to publish articles for scientists from countries with no financial and grant support for posting work in the limited-access part of the journal.

One also needs to remember that traditional access journals require paid subscription for the scientist to access them.



More and more researchers support the idea of publishing in Open Access. This gives a green light for obtaining important data and the resources necessary for the implementation of scientific research. 




Impact Factor - 2.766
This scientific library seeks to make scientific and medical literature accessible and public to the entire research world. The fee in its journals depends on the topic of publication and is charged from the author only after the article is accepted. Cost ranges from 1,500 to 3,000 US dollars.




Impact Factor – 4.504
The journal publishes only peer-reviewed researches concerning the central nervous system and its diseases. It is a part of the large publishing platform FRONTIERS. The publication fee depends on the type of article, the journal desired for printing, and ranges from 450 to 2,950 US dollars.




Impact Factor – 0.75
The magazine publishes scientific articles, reviews, reports, which are subject to strict peer review and are intended for doctors and therapists. Publication fees are charged per page.
2 pages – 350 Euro
4 pages – 500 Euro
6 pages – 650 Euro
8 pages – 800 Euro
10 pages – 950 Euro


This link will provide you with a list of all the journals included in Elsevier, of both open and hybrid access, with specification of the title of the journal, its access and the amount of the publication fee, excluding taxes, as of June 23, 2019.



Publications with a high impact factor set very strict requirements for the article and high price of publication fees, since the review process requires careful analysis of the material, selection and participation of highly qualified reviewers who have great discoveries behind them that are significant for the whole world. 


 Of course, scientometric databases also include free journals with which our company collaborates, but there are much fewer of them and, as a rule, it takes a couple of years for the article to get published there.


Publication fees are only a small part of the costs and there is no 100% guarantee that the work will be published. There are implicit charges for reviewing and other additional fees, as each journal maintains its own pricing policy.

In publication practice, cases of fraud also take place:

- the journal takes the payment, but does not publish the article;

- the journal becomes excluded from the database, and it does not return money to the author.


Be careful and pay attention to the choice of publication, so as not to fall into fraudulent schemes.



An important aspect of the publication project are unexpected risks. We are often approached by researchers who independently submitted an article to the journal and for a long time received no response from the publisher. After our experts clarify such delay, it turns out that the article is simply not being peer-reviewed, which is why the scientist loses time they could spend on actively conducting their scientific work.


It is one thing if the journal is conscientious, and the delay occurs due to some force majeure circumstances, but there are times when the research is simply appropriated and copyright theft occurs, and then the paper gets published under someone else's name. Poor-quality journals create fake web pages and by sending your article there, the author automatically loses not just the copyright to it, but also their time and money.


There are always risks of delay or loss of transfer of payment for publication fees, with long clarifications of the cause of the incident. And this requires knowledge of the country's banking system and fluency in English for negotiation. Our clients do not have to delve into all these details, because the Publ.Science company, thanks to its vast experience in the publishing field, efficiently and quickly solves all controversial and difficult issues associated with the publication of scientific work.



The scientist can be sure of the guaranteed publication of their article. We work exclusively in the legal field, we are responsible for performance of all the terms and conditions stipulated in the contract, we consider the publication policies of journals and comply with publishing ethics. 


The reputation of our company is confirmed by the reviews of real customers with whom we cooperate. But the best guarantees are the thousands of works published in high-quality journals with our help.

Each client gets a client manager attached to them, that keeps the client up to date on all stages of working with an article (revision, editing, translation, selection of a journal, reviewing, publication, indexing).



Based on the foregoing, it is beneficial for a scientist to work with the company “Scientific Publications - Publ.Science”, because by approaching us, the researcher acquires a whole staff of professional employees who provide him with guaranteed publication in journals included in the international scientometric databases of Scopus or Web of Science. Our client receives quality services for affordable money. We protect them from any risks and save their forces and time so that they could calmly proceed with their scientific activities, only monitoring the review progress through a permanent connection with our specialist.

If you have any additional questions, contact us using any form of communication indicated on the site.


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