Why is it important to choose a good journal for publishing a scientific article?

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By carefully choosing a publication, the researcher has the prospect of falling into the maelstrom of the development of their scientific activity. Let us analyze what awaits a researcher if they prefer a quality journal?

Why is it important to choose a good journal for publishing a scientific article?

Quality Indicator

Nowadays, one of the indicators of a quality journal is its indexing in the Scopus database and/or Web of Science. Every year, these platforms include complete their list with the best publications from around the world provided they meet certain serious requirements. Therefore, the journals that are part of Scopus and/or Web of Science initially receive a certain “quality mark” in the scientific community.

Publication Ethics

It is necessary to cultivate the observance of the publication ethics by the editorial staff, which implies the quality of the content, including a responsible approach to its verification. Each scientist must understand the importance of peer review and advocate for this necessary procedure by controlling its presence in the journal where they plan to get published.

Peer Review

A good journal that conducts peer review attracts more researchers. They trust the information published on its pages and actively cite publication materials in their works.

Target Audience

If researchers accurately determine the journal where they will be regularly published, this will help them structurally and periodically communicate their ideas to the target audience..

Citation Increase

A correctly selected journal, where colleagues that research the same subject area are published, increases the number of citations of your papers, which contributes to an increase in the scientometric indicators of the author.

Reputation of a Scientist

The indicators help analyse the activities of the author and the productivity of scientific research. Thanks to them, other scientists can consider the possibility of a cooperation

Research Funding

Also, high rates play an important part in cooperation with investors, financing, and receiving grants.

Job Offers

Employers often use the Scopus or Web of Science search platform to identify cutting-edge ideas, and accordingly their developers, to offer jobs.

What happens if a scientist chooses a bad journal?

To publish your article in a predatory or dishonest journal means that the required number of researchers from their field of activity will be unable to read their work. An idea may be left without appreciation, recognition, and citation. The researcher reduces their reputation and authority of the university, and also loses any opportunity to publish the work repeatedly, because it will already be considered plagiarism.

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