Publications in postgraduate study. Opportunity or necessity?

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After university, all students choose their future path. It can be teaching, business, public service, and much more, as well as continuing academic career. If the choice falls on the latter, then the decisive step will be the embarking on postgraduate studies and thesis defence.

Each graduate student is a potential scientist, and they must understand the importance and seriousness of academic work, as well as be aware of all the aspects related to their further publication activity.

Postgraduate Requirements:

One of the requirements for a thesis defence, which is dictated by the Ministry of Education and Science, is the presence of publications in journals indexed by Scopus and Web of Science, so it would be good if, at the time of graduation, the postgraduate student already had their articles published in international publications. Thus, it is better to start one's research activity from the first days of studying and think through the publication plan, because the article publication process can last up to a year, not counting the period of the experiment and its description.

Where to start an academic career for a young scientist?

One can start their publishing activity with publications in their own educational institution. This will develop skills and understanding of how to write and format scientific articles in order to further present them to a wider circle of scientists. In addition, one can start taking part in conferences and get published in collections of research papers that are the results of scientific meetings.

One can test their luck and try to get their material printed in journals included in international databases, such as Scopus or Web of Science. For this, one needs to choose a more or less reputable publishing, but which, like high-ranking journals, provides experienced reviewers for expert assessment of the article. Most often, the independently submitted paper is returned back to the author due to failure to comply with all the high requirements that foreign publishings set. This is the result of a lack of experience and skills that might have helped pass the review at the first try.

What are the standards for the design of scientific publications for postgraduate students?

All requirements for the design of articles are standard and are written on the web pages of each scientific journal.

How does the publication affect thesis defence and further activity?

If one is to start their publication activity as a postgraduate student, it will be easier for a young researcher to embark on postgraduate studies, continue studying abroad, defend a thesis, find a prestigious job, apply for grants, and expand their social network. They will have a priority over other young scientists aspiring for career achievements. Therefore, it is better to think about a researcher career from the very first year, and gradually introduce oneself into the academic world.

In addition, publications imply receiving financial payments, which can become one of the sources of income, as well as a great support for the implementation of one's research projects.

In European practice, there have long been professional consulting services in the scientific and publishing process, which help scientists solve many complex scientometric questions. Companies in the CIS countries adopt the practices of foreign organizations and provide quality consulting to domestic researchers.

If a young scientist seeks help from intermediary consulting companies, what are the advantages of this collaboration?

1. Publication guarantees.

The company's specialists perform all the obligations specified in the contract, work in the legal field and comply with publication ethics. They provide copyright protection and confidentiality of information.

2. A high-quality journal is selected for the scientist.

A scientific journal is being searched for amongst foreign publishings included in Scopus and Web of Science, which is 100% suitable for the author’s research topic. The company carefully verifies each publishing to ensure that it meets all the requirements and does not belong to “predatory” journals.  

3. Professional development of scientific work.

The material may not meet all the criteria of the selected journal, so scientists often resort to the services of a professional editor. They examine the layout of the article, whether it contains an experiment, relevance of research, etc., and finalizes it, adhering to the strict requirements of journals and scientometric databases. In addition, an important requirement is the translation of the article into academic English. The scientist's paper gets translated and, in conclusion, the text undergoes proofreading carried out by a native speaker.

4. Possibility of co-publishing.  

The company helps finding co-authors among experienced scientists who also conduct research in similar topics. Such publications help authors distribute the financial burden and publish their works in quality journals.

5. Maintaining a draft article from the very beginning of its in-depth revision to the very indexing in journals listed in Scopus and Web of Science.

Specialists are always in touch with the client, informing them of all the publication stages that the article undergoes.

6. The company assumes all risks stipulated by the contract.

Thanks to the solid experience in the field of scientific publications, the company's consultants quickly and efficiently find strategic solutions to difficulties or disputes that may arise.

7. Providing advice and consulting services.

Many scientists turn to intermediary companies for a consult, because it helps to form a correct view of the publication field, due to the constant work and cooperation with scientists around the world, basic universities, scientific journals and scientometric databases. And the young scientist doubly needs consulting assistance and support at the beginning of his career.

Research activity will always be appreciated because it is the engine of scientific progress. Young minds are precisely what is necessary to fuel the scientific machine that creates new methods, theories and discoveries, and each publication is yet another brick in the solid foundation of the scientific career of every beginner or experienced scientist.

 Our company "Scientific Publications - Publ.Science" is always ready to provide assistance and help the scientist approaching us. If you have any questions, contact us and we will be happy to reply.   

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