The role of scientific publications in admission and training in postgraduate/doctoral studies

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Postgraduate and doctoral studies are the most important stage in the fulfilment of scientific potential. After its completion, scientists defend their thesis research, which is the basis for obtaining academic degrees.

The role of scientific publications in admission and training in postgraduate/doctoral studies

Scientific publications for postgraduate studies

There is a list of basic documents for admission to postgraduate studies. It may change inconsiderably, depending on the specific features of the university or the specialisation. The list includes statements (in accordance with the sample), an autobiography, photographs, a copy of the diploma, etc. In addition, a list of scientific achievements and publications (if available) is submitted. Additional points are awarded for this.

Additional points are added to the points for the entrance tests.

Individual achievements of applicants, for which additional points are awarded upon admission to postgraduate studies:

  • publications in the journals of the international scientometric databases Scopus or Web of Science;
  • publications in journals from the List of the Higher Attestation Commission, RSCI; in the collection of studies of conferences;
  • certificate of intellectual property right, patent, utility model, invention, copyright certificate;
  • top place in the competition;
  • participation in the implementation of the grant and scholarships received;
  • diploma with honours;
  • a monograph or its chapter.

Sometimes an alternative to having individual achievements is possible: applicants can provide an abstract on the subject of the proposed research with an expert assessment from the relevant department.

Scientific publications for doctoral studies

For admission to the doctoral studies, a list of documents is also determined, which may include: photocopies of identity documents, photographs, a PhD diploma (or its equivalent), an autobiography, characteristics, a permit confirming the admission to take part in the competition, etc. It is important that for doctoral studies, the list of published scientific papers/patents/certificates of registration of inventions is mandatory, not desirable as it was for admission to postgraduate studies.

This list may include:

  • published works for the last 5 years with the indication of papers published in reviewed scientific publications, duly certified;
  • grants, with the submission of documents confirming participation in the grant (if available);
  • a list of patents for inventions, patents (certificates) for utility models, patents for design solutions, patents for selection inventions, certificates of state registration of programmes for electronic computers, databases, topologies of integrated circuits registered in accordance with the established procedure.

Postgraduate/Doctoral Student Portfolio

Commonly, applicants form a portfolio to present the main results of the development of a scientific programme and confirm successful scientific and educational activities.

It shows the main results of the activities of postgraduate/doctoral students in the following areas:

  • educational activities (results of sessions, presentations, information about additional education);
  • research activities (publication of scientific papers, participation in competitions, project activities, participation in scientific conferences, grants received, etc.);
  • cultural and creative activities (awards, prizes, participation in cultural and creative events, etc.).

In addition, the portfolio may include information from external sources: recommendations, diplomas, certificates, reviews, extracts of orders from practice, etc.

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