"The Russian scientists will have to be published in Scopus and the WoS", - The Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation

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The Ministry of Education and Science of Russia concluded that the Russian scientists conducted weak publication activities in leading international periodicals, which are a part of Scopus and Web of Science databases, as a result, announced the introduction of a new scientometric indicator – "Number of publications in the journals which are indexed in  Scopus and Web of Science".

This indicator was introduced with the aim of increasing the scientific value of publications of scientists of the Russian Federation. It is calculated by the method coordinated by the Russian Academy of Science the calculation of which is affected by the scientific direction to which the organization belongs, its potential, budget, etc.

Thus, by introducing this indicator, the Ministry plans to improve the quality of scientific research and its further publication in reputable journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. Since the majority of the Russian scientists today prefer to publish their articles in domestic and often low-rated periodicals rather than in large and international ones.

The number of publications in low-ranking journals is much higher than the number of publications in the journals of Scopus and Web of Science that indicates the potential to improve the quality of publication activities of scientists in the country by making changes.

To achieve this goal, in addition to the new indicator, a number of changes has already been directed that will improve the situation in the field of scientific publications in a more favorable direction for the Russian science. one of the reformations should be support for the Russian journals when including in the lists of periodicals of Scopus and Web of Science.


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