Publication of conference abstracts, what is their specificity?

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The main aim of such databases as Scopus and the Web of Science is the integration of research works into the world scientific community as well as the popularisation of knowledge and support of gold standards of scientific periodicals. Every year, peer rewievers of these information platforms consider the applications for publication of different kinds of research papers. In this article, we are going to talk about the specifics of the preparation and formatting of conference abstracts for publication in the journals of Scopus and the WoS.


In the research space, international meetings are constantly held where scientific organisations provide an opportunity for participants to share their innovative discoveries and the latest developments that will be useful for researchers from around the world. Speaking at such events, scientists collect a logically built structure of their research papers in one whole, formulate the main ideas of their research papers and focus on the evidence and results of the experiment. Only qualitatively written abstracts do become the reason for the other scientists to acquaint themselves with all article and in a consequence to cite it in their research papers, having increased the level of an author's citation. Such participation will help make new useful acquaintances with the other scientists that can develop into cooperation and general research in co-authorship.


Speaking to the scientific audience is always exciting and for a successful report it is necessary to prepare thoroughly. Before writing the abstracts, consider where they will be read later: at the conference, journal, workshop, etc. They can be written before creating a research papers or after finishing it. If the research has already been described, it is easier to formalise the abstracts, they should be holistic and should reveal all important aspects of the experiment. It will be more difficult to describe a research papers which is still under development because it is more difficult for an author to formulate the principles because of not fully studied material. In this situation, a clear plan with prescribed details of a research work will help.


What is the way of formatting the abstracts that they should be published?

- a research work should have a logical structure and plan as well as meet all the requirements and reveal the full potential of an article. The volume should be 2-3 papers which should contain the main ideas.

- the submitted material corresponds to the topic of the conference with the exact specififcation of name, time and place of its holding;

- text with a high rate of uniqueness, without plagiarism. This requirement is especially important to consider, because peer reviewers are very strict about copying other people's ideas without giving the reference to the source;

- an article should be translated into academic English. And, best of all, if a research papers is proofread by a native speaker;

- it is necessary to adhere to the principles of relevance, validity and integrity in the text;

- take into account all the criteria of the databases where abstracts are published;

- adhere to publication ethics.


Conferences are supported by a list of journals that are indexed in Scopus and the Web of Science. Many authors tend to publish in these databases the results of their presentations because it helps draw attention to the relevance of the research topic, obtain academic ranks and actively develop their research activities. But this can be done only after a serious peer review which implies high publication requirements.


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