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Виды научных статей

Какие бывают виды научных статей, как правильно оформлять работы, и что нужно знать ученому, чтобы его статья отвечала требованиям издания?

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What is a peer review and can one do without it?

Are you a promising scientist who is engaged in scientific activity and you decided to publish your work in the rating periodical of Scopus?At first sight, your article is perfect and you do not doubt its success?But suddenly something happened and you were return the manuscript.Why did this happen and what is the chance to get a publication in Scopus?

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What is ORCID and why is it important for a scientist?

Open Researcher and Contributor ID (ORCID) is an identifier that allows to identify a scientist, track their scientific and publication activities and is created for the purpose of registering scientists from around the world. What is its use for each participant in the scientific publication process?

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Where to find information on the scientific and publishing activities of a scientist or a journal?

Databases of Web of Science and Scopus keep a strict record of the publication activities of each journal and scientist, registering their activity using various scientometric services. A researcher whose works are actively published has their own personal account in these bibliographic platforms. It allows analysing their scientific activities, track colleagues' papers, select high-quality journals for publication, and much more..

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