TOP 9 reasons why you can be refused in publication

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TOP 9 reasons why you can be refused in publication


  •  Incorrect structuring of an article

There is a basic structural form of an article, namely, the IMRAD, but journals can also have special requirements.It is important to follow the necessary structuring rules for a successful publication.

  • Mismatch of references.

The list of references plays an equally important role.First, they should be real, second, actual, and third, formated in a correct form.


Journals with a high rating do not accept materials that do not contain scientific novelty.It is very important that your article should describe an original study that can benefit the world and help other scientists in their work.

  • Absence of rationale

Live for today.Direct your scientific activity to the solution of actual problems of our time.Even a very interesting and fascinating article about what is no longer important to anyone can not take its place in the pages of an international journal.

  •  Low level of uniqueness

You are a researcher and an innovator!Your article should be unique.Express your own thoughts, theories, and observations.Copying someone else's material is not welcome in publishing houses.


  • Untrue information

All hypotheses and concepts  you propose in your work should be scientifically grounded.No matter how broad is the flight of thought, always find confirmation of your ideas by scientific facts.An article сan be rejected if it contains theories that are insufficiently confirmed by arguments and official data.


  • Impracticality

If you conducted an experiment, describe it, namely, stages, process and formulas.Other scientists have the right to use your achievements in their works.So, make sure that all the details are clear.This is also a factor that affects the success of a publication.


  • Poor translation quality

Even if your article is incredibly interesting, unique and useful, everybody should find out about it!But a Russian version of the work is not enough for this.One should take care of a literate professional translation into English.Poor quality of translation is one of the most common reasons for refusal to publish an article.

  • Absence of previous publications

It goes without saying that a young starting scientist, who makes the first steps in the career, has no publications yet in the scientific periodicals.Actually, the "baggage" of publications is required not by every journal.But you should understand that without experience and achievements, you should not hurry up to submit your articles to the Web of Science or journals of the first quarter of Scopus.In this case, a successful publication is possible only if you are sure of the maximum rationale and uniqueness of your research.

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