All about the Hirsch index

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The scientometric h-index was created by physicist Jorge Hirsch in 2005. At present, it significantly affects the activities of scientists around the world and depends on the number of scientific articles and their citation. This indicator is a characteristic of the productivity of a scientist (or research team), calculated based on the number of publications and the number of citations of these publications.

Все об индексе Хирша

What is a good Hirsch index?

In modern realities, the Hirsch index helps researchers understand how effective and valuable their work is among colleagues. Therefore, the question of which h-index is considered good is relevant for researchers who are serious about professional development.

For example, the Nobel Prize laureates can have an h-index of 154, 139, or only 12. Still, much depends on the scope of research and the relevance of the results.

The Hirsch index is an important metric for every scientist interested in career development and international cooperation. Therefore, the Scientific and Educational Centre of the Scientific Publications – Publ.Science company has prepared a new video, where it shares important tips on how to improve this indicator.

7 tips to improve your Hirsch index

Nuances of the Hirsch index


Number of publications


Hirsch index

1st scientist




2nd scientist




3rd scientist


4 (each article 2 times)


It turns out that the significance of the articles of the first scientist is undeservedly underestimated, although it seems much more logical to give preference, and with a large margin, to the first scientist, since they received much more citations.

The Hirsch index of the same scientist can vary in different scientometric databases, since it is calculated based on data contained in a particular database.

The Hirsch index is often the cause of a bitter debate in the scientific community, but many scientists will confirm that they have not yet found a better alternative. Attempts were made to improve the H-index, after which its analogs were proposed – G-index for a scientist and I-index for an institution.

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