Why is necessary to check the indexing of journals?

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Indexing of a journal in scientometric databases certainly says about its quality and importance in the scientific world.


Have you ever wondered why you are required to publish your PhD thesis in  Web of Science or Scopus in order to be awarded an academic rank?
The fact is that these databases include only the best periodicals that constantly maintain high-quality information content and pay special attention to the actuality and uniqueness of scientific research.


The selection process is very complex and responsible – it is necessary to check compliance with the criteria and strict requirements of the database. The journals which do not pass a selection are not allowed to be indexed. Moreover, experts are actively peer reviewing journals which are already included in the database. Thanks to their experience and careful work, predators are recognized in time and do not stay in the database for a long time. Both Scopus and Web of Science are concerned about their reputation and monitor the content of materials that are awarded their "quality mark". 


Therefore, for being indexed by the database, it is necessary to maintain the "white" status, not to simplify the method of articles selection for publication, to comply with the rules and meet the requirements of the database. The quality of published materials forms the rating of a publication.The stricter the requirements for articles are, the higher is the level.


Therefore, if your article is published in a top-rated issue of journal indexed by Scopus or Web of Science, it means that your research meets all the requirements and deserves attention, and You deserve an award for your scientific achievements.


Recently, cases of false publications have become more frequent. Unscrupulous companies sell publications in allegedly indexed periodicals, but scientists do not get the desired result due to the termination of indexing or even its absence.


We warn you that an article's publication  in the journal which indexing is terminated will not help you in defending your thesis, conferring an academic rank or obtaining a degree!


Be careful when choosing a periodical for publication:

1.Beware of suspiciously low SNIP, SJR and IPP indicators. Orient by good scientometric indicators.
2.A significant intermittent increase of the number of publications in the periodical in a short time, especially, with a large part of uncited articles, can indicate its dishonesty and subsequent exclusion from the database.
3.Think about the safety of a publication if the journals themselves or their partners from the same publishing house, or several of the same publications make links to their articles.
4.It is worth checking the journals in which most of the articles belong to authors from several (1-5) countries, or the materials come from the same (5-10) organizations.
5.On many websites information about indexing can be out-of-date and not actual or even untrue - due to the incompetence of that one who distributes it.  Trust only official websites of databases or contact us for indexing verification.


Scientific Publications-Publ.Science Company knows how to recognize "predators" and can:

- check the indexing of a journal;

- choose a decent option for publication;

- help with the indexing of an article published in the excluded journal!


We will take care of your scientific materials!

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