• Does the company offer consulting services officially?

    Of course! We solve all issues exclusively within the legal framework, signing an Agreement with each client, in which we set forth all terms and conditions of cooperation. In addition, we provide all documents on the work performed and invoice for payment.

  • How are payments made?

    We cooperate with different banks around the world and accept payments using most banking systems in different currencies, which helps to reduce client fees. We work with legal entities and individuals and partial prepayment.

  • What is the company's treatment of confidentiality and copyright of the client?

    While working with clients, our specialists adhere to the rules of publication ethics and guarantee the complete preservation of confidentiality and copyrights. We do not pass on materials and all information that our clients send us for audit or for direct work to third parties. We remove this data from our server after some time.

  • How quickly do you respond to the application for cooperation?

    We adhere to an individual approach to each client and respond to all applications the same day it was filled. If you contacted our company late in the evening or during the weekend, our specialist would reply next day or the first day after the weekend.

  • Can I order a separate service, for example, “editing and layout” or “academic translation”?

    Sure! We respond to all requests from our client and try to help as much as possible in every issue that is related to your scientific and publishing activity. Our experts solve both point and complex scientific problems.

  • Are there any services that you provide for free, and why did you decide to pursue such a policy?

    The list of free services includes a separate service "text uniqueness verification" and "audit of the article". In addition, we provide free assistance in selecting a list of journals for upcoming publication, but this assistance is part of a comprehensive turnkey-based service. We charge only for consulting assistance that requires active intellectual participation, namely: revision of the text, editing and layout, translation.

  • Do you work with scientific articles in all fields of science?

    We publish most of the articles (about 80%) in the following areas: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, jurisprudence, economics, medicine, pedagogy, ecology, and their derivatives. But our company is implementing projects in other fields of science.

  • Do you provide an urgent publication service?

    For us, any project of our client is urgent, and we make every effort to implement it on time or earlier. But you need to understand that the publication period of the article itself (primary and secondary reviewing, corrections) can take from 2 to 7 months, but this does not take into account the necessary refinement of the material (editing, layout, translation, selection of the journal, etc.), which also requires a certain time (1-2 months). We also actively work with entire issues of our clients' articles, sometimes it turns out to be implemented faster than expected (within 1-2 months). But this is an exception to the rule.