Publication in Scopus

Authority. Articles in Scopus improve the researcher's status, as this database is considered one of the largest and most authoritative bibliographic platforms.

Publication in Web of Science

High quality journals. Each journal that claims to be indexed in this database is carefully selected and guarantees quality of scientific content.

Publication in the VAK

Professional Growth. At various stages of scientific activity, a researcher needs a certain number of articles to defend their rank or degree.

Publication in ERIH+, JSTOR etc.

Project financing. Constant research and publication of quality discoveries help to qualify and receive grant support and funding.

Hirsch index increase

International Contacts. The Hirsch Index helps create the conditions for international collaboration, global research, and publication in quality journals.


The right amount of links. Each article should have the right amount of citation, because both understated and exaggerated amounts have an adverse effect on the assessment of the work and its indexing.

Publication in RSCI

Quality Journals. It is important for every scientist that their article be printed in a quality publication. There are many journals in the database that best suit your article.

Publication in RSCI (WoS)

Professional expertise and data relevance. Before a journal gets into the RSCI, it is thoroughly reviewed by an expert group. The same rule applies to the selection of scientific articles.

Work with indexing

Improve the visibility of the material. If the article is poorly displayed in the search or cannot be found, this is a clear signal that it is necessary to determine what the problem is and to solve it as soon as possible.

Academic translation

Successful peer review. The paper that is translated into academic English and then proofread by a native speaker, will be highly evaluated by experts and will be pass peer review much faster.

Editing and layout

Compliance with the criteria of a scientific article. It is very important that each research material is correctly laid out, in accordance with all the standards of the journal, where the researchers submits their papers.

Uniqueness check

Researcher’s authority. Identifying a low percentage of uniqueness at the stage of preparing the article will help the researchers maintain their reputation and status in the scientific community.

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