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English has long become the universal language of science and it is worth keeping in mind when you decide to publish your research in the international scientometric databases, such as Scopus or Web of Science (WoS).

Each researcher and their study require an academic translation of a scientific paper for it to successfully pass peer review. International journals invite scientists from different countries to peer review and a competent translation is the decisive factor that helps to analyse the paper and draw conclusions about it. The editors of the journal and foreign reviewers will be able to more easily evaluate the work, understand all the results of the experiment, and provide a positive conclusion, which will guarantee the publication of the paper in Scopus or WoS. Also, thanks to high-quality translation, scientists from different countries will be able to read the work, use the data in their own research and increase the author's citation level. If the translation is bad and of poor quality, the paper, at best, will be returned to the author for revision. It is necessary to approach the translation very seriously – due to any inaccuracies, failure to grasp the meaning and importance of the study, the paper may be und up being rejected and not published at all.

If you feel that you need help with the translation of the paper, order the Academic Translation service in our company Scientific Publications – Publ.Science, and we will provide professional assistance in the preparation of a scientific paper that will pass review and gain indexing in Scopus or Web of Science. Our organization has professional translators, and we also cooperate with native English speakers.

Scientific Publications – Publ.Science has been working in the field of science and scientometrics for many years, providing high-quality scientific and publishing services to researchers. If you need help with the publication of your paper, contact our specialists on the site and they will be happy to answer all your questions.

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Why is academic translation necessary for a scientific article?

  • Compliance with the requirements. Publications must be written in accordance with Scopus or Web of Science standards.
  • Successful peer review. The paper that is translated into academic English and then proofread by a native speaker, will be highly evaluated by experts and will be pass peer review much faster.
  • International level. Scopus and Web of Science include high-quality journals, the publication in which will help the researchers increase their authority in the academic world. It will also facilitate communication with foreign colleagues, create the basis for general research and joint publications.
  • Citation level increase. Articles qualitatively translated into English will be read by many foreign researchers, which will cause organic mutual citation and an increase in the Hirsch index.

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