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The Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) is a Russian citation index hosted on the Web of Science platform. The decision to create it was made by the Russian Academy of Sciences together with the companies Clarivate and the National Electronic Library (eLibrary) and is aimed at raising the level of Russian journals. These are more than 730 leading Russian publications in all scientific areas, carefully selected by the editorial board.

Apart from Russia, scholars from all over the world (Europe, China) use the materials of this database and actively publish their articles in journals that are included in the RSCI.

If you need to get published in the Russian Science Citation Index, Scientific Publications – Publ.Science will gladly help you achieve this. We cooperate with many journals that are included in this index. Our experts carefully analyse their activity so that we can select and offer you the best option.

Many researchers from different parts of the world choose the services of our company and are satisfied with the result of cooperation. Therefore, if you need a guarantee and the quality of the work performed, please contact our specialists via chat so that we can begin our promising cooperation even today.

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Why choose the Russian Science Citation Index for publishing?

  • Professional expertise and data relevance. Before a journal gets into the RSCI, it is thoroughly reviewed by an expert group. The same rule applies to the selection of scientific articles.
  • Multidisciplinarity. This index contains journals in various disciplines that are relevant for Russian science.
  • Publication visibility. RSCI helps to ensure the visibility of scientific articles, as scientific results are presented in Russian and English. Works are accessible to Web of Science subscribers around the world. WoS metrics help analyse and measure scientific advances.
  • International cooperation. By publishing scientific articles in this index, a scholar enters the international arena, becoming able to actively expand their circle of professional communication and cooperate with foreign researchers.

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The success of each project is ensured by qualified specialists of the company who have a deep understanding of the field of scientometrics
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Each client is assigned his personal manager, who provides full support of the article until the indexation of the scientist's scientific work in the database
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Prospects for cooperation
The company works with scientists around the world. Our list of partners and the number of reputable scientific journals with which we collaborate is constantly increasing